KiteSurfingI’m taking some kite surf lessons in Bali.

My instructor is an attractive Italian man.

His name is Mario.

At one point during the instruction Mario jumps in the water behind me to show me a technique.

And he says in that dreamy Italian accent of his:

MARIO: “Stap keecking yoar legz een dee waterrr oar youuuuu weell heeet mee een dee boallzs.” 

…sexiest thing anybody’s ever said to me…

…I’m taking more lessons.

Finally able to cruise on the board after the second day! Totally hooked now. Super pumped!

Mario is really funny and I don’t think he means to be.13000_10151610388521150_547790436_n

For example, today he’s venting to me about this Italian couple that decided to cancel their lessons at the last minute.

Mario: “Yoo knowww, eeetalianz deeey tok too muucha.”

Me: “But Mario, YOU’RE Italian.”

(Long pause…)

Mario: “Yeeeaz butta thata eez gwaiii I a lefta Eeetaleeea!”

Anything this guy says comes out roses! He had me at “Boallzs” 😉 


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