TRAVELLER’S REVELATION #133 ~ Cows and Kitchens



We’re eating at the local village restaurant that consists of dirt floors, toilet paper for napkins and rickety tables and benches. 

A full grown cow, very much alive, suddenly comes bolting out of the kitchen, through the eating area where we were sitting and makes a beeline outside. 

We pause for a moment, looking at each other dumbfounded. 

To digest not the food, but the reality that:

We are not in a movie and that this actually just happened.

A COW came charging…OUT of the KITCHEN…

Realizing the humour we found in this moment, the locals sitting around us start laughing.

At US. Not the cow.

Upon realization we return to eating our meal because it’s Africa and this is normal and we are the weird ones in this world.

I love this continent…



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