1487750_10151730226656150_780755499_oI’ve been on the road since March 2013. I was 33, single and feeling really lost. After some bouts of personal stuff and feeling unfulfilled in my situation at the time, I decided to make some drastic lifestyle changes and difficult decisions that would significantly change my course in life. I gave up a great career and went from materialistic to minimalist, trading in the comforts of owning a home, a vehicle and material things for a backpack, a notebook and a camera and set out on a journey of soul-searching with the hope of finding some sort of direction in life by the end of this chapter. 

      This trip has been about personal growth such as bringing to light what I took for granted back home, how lucky I am to live in a country that affords us so much freedom and opportunity, becoming more globally aware politically, historically and economically and understanding different cultures and religions.

     I still find myself to be blown away by the places I see, the amazing experiences I have and the inspiring people I meet who continue to plant tiny seeds in my brain and change my entire perspective on life and I hope I’ve had the same influence on some of the people I meet along the way too…

     Which is why I started this blog called ‘Random Inspirations’. It’s not a typical travel blog, with daily updates of every single place I visit and things I do. It’s a condensed account of random experiences I have had along the way that have given me a burst of inspiration, a revelation or even a good laugh that I hope will pass on the same feelings to you. The most rewarding thing for me that could come out of this trip is to be able to inspire someone else to follow their dreams or passions too. My pockets may be empty when I come back but I’ll be rich with life experiences and I think that’s what will be most important in the end…

     So, for those who struggle day-to-day, fighting your own personal demons, highs and lows, know that you are not alone and that there is always a way to change your situation. It starts with changing yourself, your attitude and how you look at things and sometimes you just have to take that leap with both feet, blindfolded and have faith that the Universe will reward you with open doors you never even knew existed.


                                                          Just do it.

Pull yourself out of that comfort zone.

Take that risk.

Make that sacrifice.

Climb out of that security blanket.

Trust your instinct.

I can’t guarantee you the outcome will be what you expect but ultimately it will lead you in the right direction.

Much love, H


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